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At COMBER AND COMBER we are always striving to achieve a perfect balance of space, colour, and texture, while constantly developing new ideas to bring to our clients. 

Our motivation is to exceed your expectations through our creativity and attention to detail; providing inspiring and innovative design choices for your residential and commercial projects.

“We listen then design!”

The designers that make up the DESIGN-IT team are passionate about working with you to create an affordable design solution specifically tailored to meet your needs.


DESIGN IT covers all aspects of interior design from custom made pieces, soft furnishings and accessories, to kitchen and bathroom design, spatial planning, and future proofing.

Our Designs

“There can be so much work involved that often people don’t know where to start. We help our clients by giving them the correct support and information needed to make informed decisions and get the most out of each space.”

Paula Comber


We work with individuals, groups and housing executives to complete both small and large jobs.

We find the planning and drawing process is the ideal stage to meet with clients, however, we can undertake a job from any point, and will ensure the job is completed with professionalism, accuracy and flair. If you would like to find out more, then you can visit our design store in Redcliffs where you can browse our in-store products and get access to our wholesale prices.