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Our Passion Has Always
Been Design.

COMBER AND COMBER have a long history of providing professional interior and exterior design solutions for Christchurch homes and businesses, as well as connecting with clients from a variety of widespread locations. We have completed several projects for overseas clients; from complete interior design work to the stylish furnishing of a holiday home in Wanaka.

Before COMBER AND COMBER was established as a leading New Zealand Interior Design Company we successfully owned and ran two large Hair Salons in Christchurch. Though Hairdressing and Interior Design may seem worlds apart, keeping up with design trends, being able to offer what our clients desire, and to clearly articulate the work that will be undertaken prior to beginning, are skills both valuable and complimentary to these industries. It’s these skills that have taken the COMBER AND COMBER name from humble beginnings to a National leader in more than one industry.

Originally located in a spacious showroom in Salisbury Street, the earthquakes had prompted a necessary relocation to new premises, “The Loft”, based in Yaldhurst, and more recently we have established a Design Studio in the Heart of Redcliffs —  “The Red house”, Our Design Store, effectively covering all of our clients design needs from East to West.

Meet the Team

We have a fantastic team of design specialists who can turn your visions into reality.

Paula Comber 

Creative Director & Head Designer (Dip.Int.Des)

Clients find Paula’s approach to the profession of Interior Design refreshing.

She stands out as an interior designer because of her highly developed consultation skills, really listening to her client’s design requirements. Coupled wither ability to add value and ideas, and then pragmatically pull the scheme together in a facilitative manner.

Paula leads a talented, inspired team of designers that ensure each client gets the best design outcome that we can deliver.

Paula’s passion is working alongside her clients, from concept to completion and everything in between. Using her experience, knowledge and passion to help clients create a home that reflects their design ideas and lifestyle.

Paula personally loves simplicity with a minimal colour palette, natural materials and strong form. Using soft furnishings to create texture and softness, and art and sculpture to add pops of colour and focal points. However, she is well aware that every client has different lifestyles and design aspirations, and makes sure that each client gets a design scheme that suits their personal taste and way of life.

On the odd occasion that Paula isn’t working on design and has the opportunity topic back, she loves nothing better than walking or running the Port Hills, hitting the gym, and spending time with family and friends.

Carl Comber

Owner & Director 

Carl has a real passion for design and over the years has helped design, project manage, and complete many renovations and new builds.

This has given him a wealth knowledge in all aspects of property renovation, design and development, including taking design from concept to completion. 

Currently working closely with Paula and the Team to further develop COMBERANDCOMBER products and services, overall capability, and client experience.

Part of his role is sales and marketing, which he really enjoys. However Carl isn’t adverse to getting his hands dirty and moving a bit of furniture when time allows. Its a great opportunity to stay fit for his passion of surfing, kite surfing, and mountain biking. Carl is also a keen advocate paying back to the community and along with Paula, they have organised a  Corporate Membership to the City Mission who are close neighbours in the Central City.

Ashleigh Jones

Senior Designer (Dip.Int.Des)

Having always been obsessed with all things design and style Ashleigh began working in the Interior Design industry in Queenstown at the end of 2015, before becoming a part of COMBERANDCOMBER a year later.

Ashleigh loves to design unique kitchen with several elements of interest which can be styled to reflect the individuality of her clients.

Her passion for design goes beyond interiors as she enjoy styling for all occasions such as photoshoots, parties and much more, living by the motto ‘some people look for a beautiful space, others make a place beautiful’.

When not creating beautiful spaces, Ashleigh enjoys learning about all aspects of social media and marketing, from creating imagery to writing content. She loves learning new things and adapting to the way the world progresses online.

Alternatively, you will find her outdoors on a walk with her Mum, or spending time with her niece and nephew at the scooter park.




Helena Cotterell

Designer/Homestager (Dip.Int.Des)

She has been working in the interior design industry since 2014.

Helena loves to create dimension within an interior by layering colours, patterns and textures. She believes in most cases, adding elements of black to and interior gives a touch of sleek style and sophistication.

When it comes to day-to-day life she is a pretty laid back person, but when it comes to coffee, food and house plants – she’s a total enthusiast!

Lisa Nolan

Window Treatment Expert

She has been working in the soft furnishing industry for 16 years. Lisa enjoys helping clients choose their drapes and blinds to create a gorgeous finishing touch to their homes, it gives her great satisfaction.

Lisa loves that there are so many lovely textures, colours and designs fabrics and believes its so much fun working with them.

In her spare time Lisa loves catching up with friends, go out for a coffee, exercising and spending time with her little fur baby Harley and her family. She is also very much a home body who loves to get in the garden and make her home a cosy abode. 

Annabelle Hill

Designer/Homestager (Dip.Int.Des)

Since a very young age Annabelle has been obsessed with all things interiors. From the age of 6 she was reorganising her bedroom into every combination possible, checking out every restaurant toilet she went into, so it was only fitting she ended up in the Interior Design Industry.

Annabelle’s favourite part of her job is creating beautiful spaces that trigger happy, positive feelings and emotions.

She is very bubbly, chatty and approachable person who is committed to going above and beyond for all her clients.

If she is not at COMBERANDCOMBER, you’ll find her hunting down the best iced latte in Christchurch (not all are proven equal).

Corey Anderson

Logistics Specialist / Warehouse & Staging coordinator

Corey assists with every step of the home staging process, from packing up the truck, to unloading and helping with finishing touches. 

Corey takes pride in every aspect of the staging process, ensuring great care is taken at every property.

When Corey isn’t using his muscles at COMBERANDCOMBER, you’ll find him spending quality time with his children, enthusing about cars, or drinking a beer in the sun.

Lukas Cimprich

Logistics Team 

Lukas assists with every step of the staging process with a smile on his face, he is a fun and friendly person that can always have a laugh with the team.

Lukas’ hobbies consist of photography, surfing and motorcycles. One of his biggest passions is travelling around New Zealand coastlines, chasing waves in his recently renovated self-contained van.


Jess Comber

Administration / System and process Development Guru

Jess is the friendly happy voice that greets our clients on a daily basis, she sorts out any issues, queries or questions that our clients need sorted. She also helps with the system and process development which supports the Design Team in producing excellent design outcomes without any issues.

Jess is also the girl Friday of COMBERANDCOMBER, if we are ever short of a pair of hands in the STAGE-IT crew, she is there to help drive the truck, carry furniture and even design and implement the home stage design… design runs in the blood.

Jess’ other passion in life is health and fitness, when she isn’t working with us at COMBERANDCOMBER she is coaching group fitness classes or taking care of her own fitness. She loves to go hiking, climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking…and the list goes on.

Amy Pearson

Interior Designer (Dip.Int.Des)

Amy’s long standing passion for design saw her establish a career in the Interior Design industry in 2004 and she has never looked back.⁠

With extensive product experience Amy’s design principles are based around form following function but also with a strong emphasis that flair and personality brings a space to life. This is why although she adores all aspects of the industry, for her it’s all about  the people and she loves working with clients to create beautiful spaces that reflect their individual personalities and needs.⁠

If Amy is wearing her designer hat you will find her chasing after her two daughters, catching up with friends or finding calm amongst the chaos on a yoga mat!⁠


Our Team Mascot

The newest addition to our team, CEO of procrastination and time wasting.

He loves hanging out in the office wrestling with his buddy Jetson, despite being half his size. 

If you can’t find him snuggled next to Jess, he would have found a spot camouflaged on the floor and your bound to trip over him more often than not!