How to make your bed look like it was styled by a designer

There are many tips, tricks and methods behind styling the perfect bed. Having a beautifully styled, tranquil bedroom is the key to relaxing and unwinding at the end of a long day. Follow our detailed bed styling guide, and you’ll have a designer bedroom in no time.

Step 1: Bed preparation

If you have a mattress and base set bed, use a fresh plain valance to cover your base. Depending on the look you would like to achieve. white or black valances are the best option.

Always use a duvet cover that is at least one size bigger than your mattress size. For example: if you have a queen size bed, use a king size duvet cover. This gives a good amount of drape over each side of the bed, and will cover the join between the mattress and the bed base.

90% of the time at COMBER AND COMBER we will use a plain white duvet cover, it will make your room look brighter and fresher and won’t limit your colour palette. Plain white duvets are also much easier to clean, if you have any stubborn marks you can simply soak them in a little bleach before washing them.

Make sure your duvet is pulled down evenly on all sides. For a little extra detail, you can fold back the top edge of your duvet by about 15cm.



Step 2: Create a base

Lean a pair of euro pillows against your headboard or wall, this gives height and a good base to start stacking your pillows against. We tend to use either white or black euros. White euros create a simple clean look, whilst black euros add a touch of elegance and design edge to the overall look, using black euros is also a great way to tie in any other black elements in your room.



Step 4: Stack your pillows

There are a few different ways that you can stack your standard pillows. Most of the time we stack the standard pillows one on top of the other. If you would like to create a more formal look, stack your pillows one in front of the other. Alternatively for something a little different, you can do a combination of the two; stacked on top on one side and stacked in front on the other. This combination is a great base for stacking a fun mix of cushions.

Cushions and Throws: Tips and Tricks

Once you have all of your pillows in place, it’s time to add cushions and throws. It’s important to make sure the combination of throws and cushions tie in with each other, and the rest of your room. It’s good to use around three cushions and two throws, combining a variety of colours and textures is the best way to create the look of refined design and comfort. For example; you can use one cushion and one throw that are a similar colour (eg, blue) this will be your pop of colour, then the remaining cushions and throws should be a variety of neutral patterns and textures.

A great tip to add that extra bit of luxury to a room is to use cushions that are stuffed with feather inners. They have more volume and weight, and will sit nicely on your bed.




Step 5: Layer your cushions

There are many different ways that you can stack your cushions, depending on your desired look. For example; if you would like to create a casual laid-back look, then staggering three cushions is a great way to achieve that look. If you are wanting to create a formal look, use a pair of matching or similar cushions that are sat evenly in front of each pair of standard pillows, then sit a single feature in front to complete the look.




Step 6: Layer your throws

Layering throws and comforters is an important way of adding comfort and texture. For a more relaxed look, layering two types of blanket throws in a slightly crumpled, effortless manner will achieve a very laid back appearance. For more structure, folding a comforter to lay across the end of the bed, then sitting a throw on top will achieve a more formal look.

Final Touches

For an extra finishing touch, pop accessories or flowers on your bedside tables. Use colours that compliment the tones on your bed, or keep them neutral. A little accessorising is a great way to add some extra design finesse that will make your room look like it has been styled by a designer.

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