Bringing the essence of Bali into your home

Who wouldn’t want a touch of the tropics in their home?! Bringing the essence of Bali into your abode requires a blend of influences from nature and culture and there is no shortage of inspiration to be found in Bali with dreamy skies and beaches, lush jungles and ancient temples. COMBER AND COMBER directors Paula and Carl recently returned from the gorgeous island and we decided to compile a short list of the key elements for channelling the ultimate Bali style within your home:



Let’s start with greenery. Allowing the outdoors to harmonise with the indoor is the first essential step to creating a Balinese paradise. Plants such as ferns, palms, bamboo, and monstera leaves are perfect for creating that ultimate tropical feel.  A simple vase of palm leaves in your entryway or on the dining table will be sure to set the vibe.


Often, skilful art trades are passed down through generations, influenced strongly by spirituality or other ancient indigenous beliefs. Therefore, the second key factor in creating that ultimate ‘tropical feel’ is carved furniture and wooden homeware. Furniture such as intricate doors, daybeds, sideboards, or folding room dividers work well.  A little too traditional for you? Try adding a bamboo pendant light to your space – the mix of modern design and raw natural materials help to add a contemporary twist.


The final step in completing the ultimate Bali look is colour. Between the neutral colours and natural wood elements, pops of colour are apparent. Whether it be elaborate Balinese mosaics, outdoor umbrellas, or a string of lanterns – we recommend an easy alternative: Try adding a bright statement print to liven up your space with bold patterns and vivid tones. In addition, this can also be a chance to let your personality shine through with your favourite bright hues.

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