Refresh Your Home This Winter

After a long, warm and wonderful summer, Winter is finally here and it’s been a rude shock having to pull out those winter woollies just to survive the day. Although we’re sad to say goodbye to the warm nights and blue skies, we are so excited for the winter trends of 2019. As the seasons change, this is in fact the best time to change up your furniture and home décor to create that ‘new home feel’ without spending too much.

Here are some of our ultimate tips on how to prepare your home for a warm and stylish winter:

Change It Up

Use deep, rich coloured accent cushions, paired with patterned sheets and a rolled back duvet to add another element of style. Swap out those light and breezy summer sheets for thicker, snugglier ones to keep you warm through the frosty nights.


Whether it’s clothing, cushions, or throws, layering is definitely the way to go. Combined with different colours and textures, layering creates a more plush and luxurious look. Cushions and throws create comfort and make a great addition to leather couches which can feel a little icy on the skin in frostier months.


Don’t be afraid of darker hues as they can add that extra warmth to any interior. Start off with small, subtle changes by swapping out white bedding for darker tones such as deep charcoals or rich chocolates. If you’re feeling brave, go that extra mile and repaint the living room in a rich forest green to create that ultimate cosy cave this winter.

Transform With Texture

Transform your home with texture. Try introducing a thick woven-look throw to the end of the bed or a faux lamb skin onto an occasional chair. Add additional texture though the use of cushions or baskets such as seagrass – perfect for potted plants or storage. Say yes to rugs and transform the feeling of your room. Choose a rug with tassels or fringing – even place one beneath your bed and keep those toes nice and snug on cold mornings.

Dark Woods 

Dark rich woods are back! Add some luxury and warmth to your home by choosing some dark wood pieces, and if you don’t want to break the bank, we recommend you opt for smaller items such as serving utensils, kitchen canisters, a simple stool or even a cluster of picture frames.

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