Stylish And Dynamic Design Team Behind Comber And Comber Offer A Glimpse Into Their World Of Interiors.


CHALLENGING MISCONCEPTIONS about an interior designer’s worth, the team behind Comber and Comber say their number one priority is delivering what the client wants. Well known for their premium home staging and interior design services, Comber and Comber continue to expand their interior design services, believing that window treatments play a vital role – effecting the difference between a house and a home.

Offering bespoke design solutions at affordable prices, Comber and Comber’s window treatment service offers the ultimate package. Combining quality products with intelligent design, their team of qualified interior designers believe the best design approach is a bespoke one.

With an extensive range of window treatments at their fingertips, Comber and Comber offers a hassle-free shopping experience – either by appointment in their design studio, or with their in-house window treatment specialist Lisa Nolan who can arrange private consultations with clients at their home. Lisa carries an extensive collection of fabric drapery and timber shutter samples in her mobile van library, and, if there’s nothing there that appeals, she can arrange a guided tour of the city’s fabric showrooms.

Playing a vital role within interior décor schemes, selecting the right kind of window treatments for each room demands a skilled eye. And, with the valuable guidance of an experienced consultant like Lisa, all aspects are covered to ensure clients receive the very best they can afford. With competitive rates, their personalised and flexible approach to design adds considerable value.

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With over 40 years in business, Brymac Tiles brings their specialist knowledge and wealth of experience to the table. Drawing on their extensive interior and exterior European tile collections, Comber and Comber have the utmost confidence their clients will receive a quality product that is long-lasting. And, by keeping a close eye on Brymac’s evolving product range, Comber and Comber are able to narrow down the limitless possibilities for their clients based on their individual style and needs. Combining Brymac’s professional installation service with Comber and Comber’s design expertise, means their clients are guaranteed an immaculate result.

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Windoware has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Comber and Comber for almost ten years. Using cutting-edge technology to bring Comber and Comber’s designs to life, Windoware offers an extensive range of products. From indoor and outdoor blinds and awnings, to window furnishing hardware, Windoware has the capacity to adapt their products to the changing trends, enabling Comber and Comber to deliver the most contemporary looks their clients are sure to love.

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As Christchurch’s leading home staging company, Comber and Comber’s talent for staging and styling is highly sought after by Group Home builders, real estate agents, and homeowners alike. Transforming a lifeless empty shell into a show home that feels lived-in, real estate agent, Chris Lewis of Harcourts Holmwood knows better than anyone the value of professional staging. Chris says having a home beautifully styled – with just the right balance of personality and restraint – makes a huge impact on a home’s value. And, having used Comber and Comber’s services since the day they began, Chris speaks highly of the results their team achieves. Professional, passionate and efficient, with a quick turnaround time, Chris says he can’t fault their exceptional service. ‘Just seeing a property before and then after the Comber and Comber Stage It team have worked their magic, is quite staggering’, Chris says.

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Beautifully designed, custom-made joinery is one element that can be used to create a cohesive look for the modern home. Bespoke furniture pieces and built-in joinery designed by Comber and Comber are expertly crafted by the team at Joinery By Design. From kitchens and laundries, to bathroom vanities and walk-in wardrobes, to staircases, Joinery By Design’s co-owner Evan McLachlan says he enjoys the collaborative process they have with Paula Comber and her team of experienced designers. Crafted in their modern factory with computerised machinery, Evan says traditional carpentry skills are still integral to the creation of each piece.

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