WHAT DOES COMBER AND COMBER’S HOME STAGING SERVICE OFFER HOMEOWNERS?  With a range of modern, yet classic furniture and home accessories – hand-picked by our team of highly qualified and experienced interior designers – our STAGE-IT home staging services are highly sought after by homeowners and property investors alike. Offering homeowners both partial and full staging options, we also provide the added convenience of staging homeowners’ properties while they are still living in them.

WHAT IS THE GREATEST CHALLENGE YOU FACE?  Homeowners, understandably, have a lot of attachment to the personal effects that make a house a home, and it’s our job to help them realise just what potential buyers are looking for and how our approach has proven to be an effective one.
We can then set about doing what we do best: presenting the property in the best possible light. This often results in a quicker sale, and the greatest profit – from the glowing feedback we constantly receive from our clients, we know it works.

WHAT SETS COMBER AND COMBER APART FROM OTHER HOME STAGING COMPANIES?  The greatest difference is that our home staging service is built on a solid foundation of interior design expertise. From that basis we offer our clients a premium service at every level. Our clients especially love the fact that they’re able to call on us with just 24 hours notice – come rain or come shine – and with multiple house lots of on-trend furnishings on hand we are well equipped to meet demands and exceed expectations every time.


WHAT IS THE MOST FULFILLING ASPECT OF YOUR WORK?  We love working in close collaboration with all our clients: homeowners, property developers, real estate agents, and builders. Personally, I thoroughly enjoy the diversity and unique challenges each project brings, and we both feel very fortunate to be involved in every step of the process, from conception right through to completion.

WHAT NEW DEVELOPMENTS ARE ON THE HORIZON? We are due to launch our brand new website that showcases our full range of home staging, interior design and window treatment services.

There are many considerations when it comes to selling your home: which agent to choose, how much to spend on marketing, and what time of year to sell. And the list goes on. However, one important component that is often overlooked is home staging.
A home that exudes style and creates a lasting impression is bound to win over a buyer’s heart and mind – raising both interest and the price they are willing to pay. If your interior is somewhat lacking on the style front, but you can’t afford a complete makeover, you’ll be surprised at the difference home staging makes.
Two aspects that play fundamental roles in successful home staging are de-cluttering and de-personalising. While every home is filled with treasured memories collected over time, and has evolved to reflect the personal style of those who live there, when it comes to selling your home, it’s vital you create a blank canvas so potential buyers can easily envision how they will make their own mark on it. Removing yourself from the picture, quite literally, by removing family photos, and any other extraneous clutter that obscures your home’s best assets, potential buyers are better able to envisage themselves and their stuff in your space.
By enlisting the expertise of a home stager, your home will appeal to a wider audience, which will increase the likelihood of receiving multiple offers – leading to a higher profit margin, and saving money with a quicker sale.

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