When you make the decision to list your home for sale, your biggest concern will be ensuring your home looks its finest so you can achieve the best possible sale price.

If your home is adorned with stylish, on-trend furnishings, then it will assist in creating a memorable first impression. So, if your interior is perhaps looking a little tired and dated, then calling on the expertise of a home stager can make a world of difference.

Many homeowners can often be reluctant to call on a home stager as they may not feel the need to, are hesitant to invest more money in the sale of their home or feel uneasy about having a stranger impart their sense of style on their home.

However, not only can a home stager provide sophisticated furnishings and create continuity throughout the likes of an adored family home, but they are also a brilliant option if you are selling a new property that is unfurnished. Not only will this save you a great deal of money, but you can rest assured that an interior design professional will take care of all the hard work, from choosing the appropriate style for your property, creating a setting that is welcoming and not overwhelming while also providing every furnishing necessary.

One of the biggest tips a home stager will offer to anyone selling their home is the importance of depersonalising and decluttering. While your home is filled with lots of treasured memories, you’ll want to create a clean slate for buyers so they can envision themselves living in the home. A cluttered home can deter buyers because people attend an open home to view the home, not your possessions. By removing yourself from the picture (including the likes of family photos), then you’ll make it much easier for buyers to envisage themselves, and their stuff, in your space.

By employing a home stager, you will create an inviting setting that will have broad appeal to a wider audience, and this often results in numerous offers and your home selling in a much shorter time frame.

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